Electric Blanket Controller Knowledge

  Controller is an indispensable part of electric blanket. It plays a role in adjusting different temperature settings. Now we mainly have six styles controllers. They are all detachable. Our electric blankets are also washable because of detachable controller. Today I will introduce the front three styles.

Heating pillow.jpg


 First, America market detachable controller. See the following picture. This style controller is used in America heating pad, electric overblanket, electric mattress pad and heating throw. It has 3 temperature settings with led indicator: Hi-Med-Low.

                                  America market detachable controller 3 temperature settings.jpg


         Second, this kind of controller looks a little cumbersome. It is applied into Europe markets products. For example, BLV-UB101 electric underblanket, BLV-HP300 Europe electric heating pad, BLV-HP300A  fleece electric padBLV-HP301 auto shut off heating pad and BLV-HP301A high temperature heating pad.

                                Detachable controller.jpg


  The third controller is 6 temperature settings with level indicator. For example, UB100 electric blanket single bed, UB200 electric underblanket double and BLV-OB100 electric underblanket double.

                             6 temperature settings with level indicator.jpg

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