Does the electric blanket radiate?

In modern life, Electric blanket become more and more popular in cold winter due to it is convenience, safe and reliable. However many people also worry about the radiate of the electric blanket. Today we will answer this electric blanket radiate.

Electric blankets will have two types of radiation when they working: stray electromagnetic fields (generated by electric currents) and thermal radiation (infrared).The high temperature electric heating wire emits infrared ray to the surroundings, this radiation is beneficial, as long as does not burn scald, is not harmful.

Electric blanket belongs to household appliance, more or less can produce electromagnetic radiation, in fact, the home appliance around us, as long as plug in the electricity will have electromagnetic radiation, big to air conditioner, TV, small to hair dryer, and even the mobile phone can produce electromagnetic radiation. Although radiation is ubiquitous, the electromagnetic radiation of such common household appliances is basically below 300 HZ. It belongs to the extremely low frequency non-ionizing radiation, which will not damage DNA and cells, and will not cause harm to human body. Of course,the electric blanket turned off, no radiation.

The radiation of electric blanket might as well can eat the fresh vegetable fruit such as tomato, apple, cabbage more, in addition tea also has certain fight radiation effect. Reduce harm in a variety of ways.