Does the electric blanket consume electricity?

- May 14, 2020-

Now days, electric blanket already become a necessities of life that can bring us warmth and comfort in winter. As the electric blanket belongs to the electric products, so weather the consumption of electricity also become a great concern for people.
Does the electric blanket consume electricity?
  The answer is NO.
Weather consume electricity is related to power, normally, the power of electric are between on 50W and 150W, the consumption will be 0.04-0.15KWH in one hour, that is to say, 1KWH can make the electric blankets running more than 10 hours. We also won’t open all night and the controller have set automatic off function, normally we suggest open electric blanket before sleep one hour and turn off when you fall asleep.
In conclusion that the electric blanket do not consume electricity, hope can very help for you.