Does electric blanket give you cancer

In fact, the electric blanket "radiation carcinogenic" is pure nonsense. In our life, our commonly used electrical appliances (such as electric blankets, electric foot warmer .etc.) frequency is generally below 300 Hz.They are low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, and the human body is generally not affected. What’s more,there is no research can accurately show that electromagnetic radiation is carcinogenic.So using electric blanket will not give you cancer.

Compared with carcinogenic, fire and other hazards caused by electric blanket should be highly valued by people. In our life, if an electric blanket is under use, it is easy to burn the skin and cause fire. In addition,in winter it often makes skin dry.Although the electric blanket can keep human’s body warm, the following 4 categories of people are generally not recommended to use electric blanket:


1. Pregnant women

2. Infants and young children

3. Patients with respiratory diseases

4. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

But why these people not recommended to use electric blanket?next time will show you.Thanks for your attention.


31 May. 2019