Do you know ultrasonic welding?

      At the mention of ultrasonic welding, we feel very strange. What is ultrasonic wedling? Please read the following content.

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   First,Whats is ultrasonic welding?

         Ultrasonic welding, also called stamp welding. It is a kind of craft that under pressure the surface of two objects rub against each other and form fusion between molecular layer by transmitting high-frequency vibration wave into the surface of two welding objects.


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  Second, The benefit of stamp welding

         a. Compared with traditional adhesives or solvents, stamp welding is more fast;

         b. This welding joints are more clean and precise;

         c. Plenty of materials can be welded together due to the effect low thermal on materials.


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    Our several styls Europe & Other markets electric underblankets all adopt advanced stamp welding technique, such as, 6 temperature setting UB100 electric heating underblanket single control, UB200 electric underblanket dual control, UB103B electric heating underblanket, UB104 polyester & sponge electric underblanket super king size, etc.



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