Do you know the production process of electric blanket winter?

It is cold and rainy in autumn and winter, especially for the elderly and children.What do you think of to keep warm at the first time? Some body use electric blanket,air condition and so on. It's wise to choose electric blanket for warming body. Because it's easy to warmer and low cost.

I would like to share the production process of electric blanket.Electric blanket is mainly composed of heating wire, fabrice, controller, juntion box etc. The main structure is that the heatting wire is attached to the base cloth, then flannel fleece or coral fleece wrapped base cloth and sewed , then the power cord is connected. The electric blanket is to finish, like sandwich. Most technology of electric blanket is quilting, it's fashionable and easy to fix heating wire.It has used flame retardant fabric, such as flannel fleec and coral fleece ect.

Easy warm, cosy life, enjoy your wellbeing life.