Do you know the heating pad

Do you know the heating pad?


A heating pad is all about comfort and pain relief, as far as usability and muscle relaxation, it went beyond the other heating item. A heating pad

provides palliative therapy without the need for messy creams or uncomfortable patches. It is recommended for aches and pains, and can

Help relieve pain in those suffering from arthritis, a sore back or menstrual cramps. A lot of yong lady have menstrual cramps, heating pad bring you more comfort.

We manufacture heating pad more than 10 years, its feature is as follows:

1. 3 temperature setting with Led indicator Hi-Med-Low

2. Automatic switch-off after90 minutes

3. PTC+NTC heating systm

4. Machine washable

5. ETL, CE/GS approval


Heating pad give you more comfort and relaxing in your life.

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