Do you know how to store your electric blanket correctly?

Earlier we showed that how to use an electric blanket properly. Have you learnt? This time we'll show the correct way to store an electric blanket. If you put it any place,it maybe cause some problems. So how to do it in a scientific way? The following three tips should be taken:


Firstly,do a complete clean before the storage

If the electric heating blanket is dirty, you need to do a complete clean.

Secondly,turn on the power to remove moisture

Before the storage, lay the blanket fully on the bed and charge about 20-30 minutes, remove moisture for electric heating wire and electric equipment element.

Lastly,Roll up without wire folding 

Rolling the blanket and put it into the mail box for preventing the electric heating wire folded.

In addition, before using the electric blanket next time, please do the test for the temperature. If there is any question,stop using it right away.

Enjoy your nice experience!


15 Mar. 2019