Different between coral fleece and flannel fabric



Some buyers always confused by coral fleece and flannel fabric, today let me introduce you the differences between them.

OB-206-3                          BLV-OB-101-3

                       Coral fleece                                                                Flannel fleece

1. Flannel is dense, while coral fleece is sparse. So coral fleece is easy to lose hair, and flannel is easy not to lose hair.

2. For the same pattern, the coral fabric will appear fuzzy, while the flannel fabric will be clear and bright. About the price, flannel is a new product and requires high technology, so the price is a little higher than coral fleece.

3. Coral fleece has a granular surface, while the flannel surface is smoother. The difference of this surface is more directly reflected in the feel of the two fabrics, the flannel surface touch softer.

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