Are Electric Blankets Safe?

One of the main safety concerns involving electric blankets is the possibility of it becoming a fire hazard. The exact numbers of fires started each year due to electric blanket use is not known, but they can be an ignition source, especially if you are using an older electric blanket. Most electric blanket fires are related to bad cords or overheating and igniting materials nearby.  

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Research shows that most fires, shocks and burns associated with electric blanket use are due to user mistakes or old blankets. So you should read the instruction carefully before using an electric blanket. Besides, newer electric blankets have a shutoff mechanism to prevent the blanket  from overheating or catching fireOlder blankets may not have a shut-off mechanism; users run the risk of overheating. Older blankets are considered fire hazards. 

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So It is safe to use the electric blanket to keep warm if you choose the new style and follow the operating instructions. 

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