Can you distinguish electric underblanket and electric overblanket?

        An electric heating blanket is perferct for keeping warm during chilly winter months or staying cozy all year long. In the US and Canada, a heating blanket is a blanket with an integrated electric heating device usually placed above the top bed sheet. While in the U.K and Commonwealth, an electric warming blanket commonly refers to an electric under blanekt which is placed below the bottom bed sheet.


Electric Blanket

      An heated blanket can be classified into two types. One is heated underblanket and the other is heated overblanket. The former means you lie on top of the electric blanket; The latter refers you lie underneath it. At present our this two styles are very popular in Europe, South American, Australia, South Africa and so on. They have many common features as follows:

First, 220-240V voltage;

Second, Washable thanks to detachable controller;

Third, Automatic switch-off after several hours

Fourth,Overheating protection

Fifth, CE, GS, Rohs, Reach approval

            Of course, difference lies in that electric heating underblanket is easy attached to the mattress by elastic cords and made from non-woven fabric(100% polyester)with advanced stamp welding technology. An electric over blanket is made in super cosy flannel fleece or soft microplush and belongs to sigle controller. More Information,please click the following pictures to choose your favorite product.


Electric Overblanket


Electric Underblanket

            Hope you can choose best electric blanket to spend a warm winter!