Can the North American heating pad with 110V voltage be used on 220V power supply?

The answer is no.

1, rated low electrical appliances can not be used in higher than the rated voltage on the power supply, will burn electrical appliances.

2, the electrical appliances with high rated voltage had better use the power supply corresponding to it.

3. Electrical appliances with inductance and capacitor components in the circuit (such as motors) will also burn down if they work under voltage for a long time.

Based on this, it is necessary to develop the habit of using the power supply corresponding to the rated voltage of the electrical appliance to avoid accidents.

So how can you use a 110V electrical appliance at 220V voltage?

Because the voltage does not match, direct access will burn down the electrical appliances, need to access a 220V to 110V voltage converter, through the converter to 220V electricity into the electrical needs of the 110V voltage can be used.