Are you familiar with heating zone mattress pad?

In cold winter, warming zone heated mattress pad is a good choice to warm you up.

In the last article, we discussed the difference of body temperature between male and female.

A warming zone heated mattress pad will help us solve many contradictions and enhance our feelings.

We use new technology to research and develop district heating mattress pad, which are made of comfortable and environmentally friendly fabrics, and 18 "skirts help to fix and not slip off.

10 temperature settings and 12 hours timer settings, it has preheating function. The zonal heating mattress pad heats the head, legs and feet respectively, and is controlled independently by three zones.

Different zones have special designed temperatures to provide you with intimate services with different needs.

Heating in zone 3 has Full twin size, and heating in zone 6 has King Queen size

There are different demands on the temperature of human torso and feet, so we can adjust and control the temperature in different areas and heat the feet separately,

which makes sleeping more comfortable and healthy.