Are you clear about ETL certificate

- Dec 13, 2018-

How was your week?

Today, I will let you more about ETL certificate.


ETL(Electrical Testing Laboratories in the United States). The "us" at the bottom right applies to the United States(as above picture), the "c" at the bottom left applies to Canada, and both "us" and "c" apply to both countries.

Any electrical bearing the ETL mark indicates that the product has met the minimum requirements of the generally recognized U.S. and Canadian product safety standards.

In a word, it means you can rest assured with the product if it has the ETL.

What about our products? 

Heating throw , mattress pad , electric blanket and heating pad, all of them with the ETL approval.

We never lie, haha, more details just click the high light word.

It is Gina, I will back to you next week.