Are Electric Blankets Safe?

Are Electric Blankets Safe?

Electric blankets are a type of blanket that can heat up, keeping us warm during the winter.                                            These blankets are usually quite popular and appeal to a lot of people during the winter season as this is a cheaper alternative to turning up the heater. It’s a great investment when you think about it.

People who buy electric blankets often wonder if these are safe. As these blankets are electrically-powered, it comes with safety precautions that users must take seriously as these blankets are used in close contact with the body.

There are several reasons for electric blanket safe

1. Overheat Protection (PTC+NTC heating system)

2. Automatic switch-off  after 2 hours

3  Clear Instructions   User Manual is exceptionally well written especially on matters of safety.

4. ETL approval

Electric blankets are the safest availabel today.