​Are electric blankets safe for dogs ?

Most people now buy electric blankets for their beloved dogs. So is the electric blanket safe for dogs?

To be precise, the electric blanket on our bed is not suitable for dogs, because the temperature, design and power may cause discomfort to the dog's body, such as dehydration, internal organ damage and so on.

BSGROUP Pet Warmer is an electric blanket specially designed for dogs, with a power of 15W, and soft and comfortable.

This pet heating pad has a soft synthetic wool surface. There are three sizes of this pet heating pad: 58x43cm / 82x65cm / 83x109cm, the power support by the adapter, both European and American adapters are available. It has a overheating protection, the UL certificates guarantees the product safety.


Material soft synthetic wool
 Size 58x43cm/82x65cm/83x109cm
 Certificate UL
 Power 15W

 * Power support by the adapter
 * Overheating protection