America Market Electric Mattress Pads

- Aug 25, 2017-

     America electric mattress pads are also called electric underblankets. Electric under blankets mean that blankets are laid under the body. Now we have six different modes. You can choose favorite style to order.

America Electric Mattress Pad.jpg

      The six styles materials are all super cosy Shu Velveteen. Their products models are respectively BLV-UB200, BLV-UB201, BLV-UB202, BLV-UB203, BLV-UB204 and BLV-UB200P.  Corresponding sizes include 39x75", 54x75", 60x80", 77x80" and 72x84".  Single control electric heating blankets powers are 100W, such as, the front two style BLV-UB200, BLV-UB201 and the last one BLV-UB200P. Double controller heating blankets powers have 100WX2 and 110WX2, for instance, the middle three syles BLV-UB202, BLV-UB203 and BLV-UB204. These electric blankets can fast heat in several minutes. Detachable controller makes sure that blankets are wahsable. The latest PTC+NTC heating system emerges as a bright spot.

                                America ETL Electric Underblankets.jpg

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