Heating Pad For Neck and Shoulder

Product name:heating pad for neck and shoulder
Model number:HP323
Feature:3 heat setting


Product Description:

Designed to relieve muscle soreness in the neck and shoulders at the same time, this special heating pad neck pad shoulder warmer provides deep penetration of heat to the shoulders and middle of the back to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, relieve swelling and soothe joints. Special heating pad neck pad shoulder warmer has a soft plush look that makes you feel soothed and comfortable when you use it. This handy feature allows you to use the heating pad relaxedly without worrying about overheating.Full back heating pad for women is a "two-in-one" convenient heating cushion that can also be used as a blanket. It can be used as a cloak or blanket.Full back heating pad for women is comfortable, soft, breathable and skin friendly.

Product Details:

Product nameSpecial Heating Pad Neck Pad Shoulder Warmer
Model numberHP323
MaterialSuper cosy fleece surface
Product Size60x62cm
Consumption Power100W

More Specification:

* Easy to clean heating pad

* Fast heating in several minutes

* Individual adjustable by press stud

* 3 temperature settings with level indicator

* Automatic switch-off after 90 minutes

* Washable thanks to detachable controller

* Heating pad for neck and shoulder pain relief

* CE/GS approval

* RoHS/REACH test


Q: Can we send a sample for reference?

A: We are glad to send samples for your checking,and it can be customized.If necessary,we are happy to provide the free sample.

Q:What is the scale of your company?

A: Headquartered in shaanxi province, China, our company has 15 years of experience in heating products. The sales team has more than 100 people, and we have two factories for different market.


Q: Can you print our brand on the product?

A: Yes, Of course. It can make customer’s brand logo.

special heating pad

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