Cheap Twin Size Electric Blanket, New Ultrasonic Welding Electric Underblanket, Double Size Heated Blanket, Safety Electric Blanket

Features three heat settings to help you keep complete control of your comfort
Ultra-fast heat up, the blanket will feel warm to the touch after only a few minutes
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Product Details

Electric Underblanket  for a pleasantly warm bed

More comfortable for you to enjoy

Making you have a good mood

1. Product picture

new ultrasonic welding electric underblanket.jpg

2. Product description

Product name: Electric Underblanket

Model number: UB106

Warranty: 2 years

Usage: adult

Package: gift box/ mailbox/white box

Controller: 3 heating level, without display, simple for use

Technology: stamp welding manufacture

3. Product packaging 

new ultrasonic welding electric underblanket.jpg