Buy Luxury Soft Cotton Electric Blanket, Mattress Topper Electric Blanket, Quilted Electric Blanket with Switch Off Function

ComfortTec Controller with digital display and sliding controls
Senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth
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Product Details

Fine cotton Fabric Electric Underblanket for a pleasantly warm bed, you have a better sleep in cold winter. Quilting manufacturing is beautiful and fashion, durable, safer.

 * Put out the blanket and make it smooth on your bed.

 * Connect the adaptor and controller, put switch into 220v. 
 * Put the controller on and setting your comfort degree. 

 * Select a comfortable temperature from the 3 temperature settings.
 * Using the blanket better cover on it, make it warm up quickly.

 * Easily attached to the mattress by elastic cords

1. Product picture 

mattress topper electric blanket.jpg

2. Product description

Product name: Electric Underblanket

Model number: UB114

Material: cotton fabric(upper side) and non woven fabric(lower side) quilting manufacturing

Product Size:200x90cm



VDE Plug

3. Product packaging

mattress topper electric blanket .jpg